How To Build Your Digital Footprint In 8 Easy Steps

1. Create a strategy. Far too often, people will hop on to Facebook with no set plan other than, “trying it out.” There’s nothing wrong with trying out any of the many digital channels, but it doesn’t take long to jot down what you want to accomplish (and, more importantly, why you want to accomplish it) first – before filling out any online social networking profiles. If you uncover the strategy after you have already started, you may wind up having a couple of online profiles and spaces that really don’t match your strategy. If someone comes by and sees those initial forays (that you have since abandoned), it might not be the ideal first digital impression of you.

2. Choose the type of content channels and online social networks that match your strategy. All too often we see people on Twitter who would be that much more interesting if they were Blogging. There are people doing things with text that might be better suited for creating images. It’s best to focus on creating and publishing the type of content you are most comfortable with, and that you would enjoy creating the most. The amazing thing about these channels is that anyone can publish. The sad thing is, that some people forget that it’s not just text. You can create audio, video and images as well (and many combinations).

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25 Social Media Tips From Five Big-Time Experts at Engaging People Online

Awkward question: are your social media followers actually interested?

As more brands get online, customers are getting bored. They hit the ‘like’ button but you never hear from them again.

Here’s the solution: 25 tips from five big-time experts at engaging people online.

It’s a whitepaper with a difference. No wishy–washy theory; just a goldmine of ideas and tactics from Scott Stratten, Greg Jarboe, Neal Schaffer, Adam Singer and North Social’s David Brody.

It’s all the ideas you need to reconnect with your followers and fans forever. And it’s completely free.

Download the whitepaper from Vocus.

5 Ways to Get Started With Social CRM Today

There has been a lot of buzz around social CRM (SCRM) recently, with Salesforce and Radian6 joining forces, the sale of JitterJam and Bantam Live, and the continuing evolution of community providers like Jive and Lithium into the SCRM arena.  Yet, despite all this activity and a lot of hype, a couple things strike me when it comes to social CRM:

  • First, there’s still a pretty big gap between the vision of full-on, all-inclusive social CRM, and what is available today, despite a lot of great vision, investment and good intentions and,
  • Second, if CRM is more about the journey than the destination (as we used to say in the go-go days of CRM 1.0), a whole lot of companies are already doing – or could be doing – social CRM, and they may not even know it.

This is a guest post by Allen Bonde (@abonde), CMO at Offerpop and Principal at Evoke CRM Partners. Read more

4 Things You Can Learn from AddThis Analytics

The AddThis Analytics are an extremely useful tool for Social Media Optimization. Here are some ways to take advantage of the data AddThis provides.
  • Tracking overall outbound shares and inbound clicks back to your site. This not only helps you to see what content and topics are resonating with your users, but also encourages more frequent posting.
  • Knowing which services are the most popular among your audience. Are there other ways you can increase your site or brand presence on that network?
  • Using the Audience Analytics to help tailor your content. You can plan articles around your users interests as well as target ads to your influencers.
  • Seeing what days of the week content is shared the most. This can help you to plan the timing of when certain articles get published.

YouTube Beats Facebook And Twitter For Educational Social Media Potential

Well, it’s official. YouTube is better than Twitter. At least… it is where education is concerned. That’s the word from college professors who participated in a new study by Brabson Survey Research Group and Pearson, who overwhelmingly saw more value for secondary education in YouTube’s video-sharing portal than they do in Twitter’s microblogging platform.

The study was designed to analyze the use of nine different social media tools by university students and professors (both tenure-track and otherwise). The goal? Find out which is the most useful for educational purposes. And YouTube won by a landslide.

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New Era Hits a Home Run with Latest Viral Campaign

A new video from New Era–the largest and fastest growing headwear manufacturer in the United States is a hit with YouTube viewers because it resonates with its target audience. The spot features actors Alec Baldwin as a die-hard Yankees fan. John Krasinski pledges his allegiance to Red Sox Nation. The ad works extremely well for several reasons: it’s funny, it has celebrity endorsements, and it taps into a universal theme the target audience instantly recognizes. I for one won’t be celebrating in April but I will definitely be dancing in October.