Does QR stand for Quasi-Ridiculous? (an analysis)

I understand QR codes are the new “it” thing, the Taylor Lautner of calls-to-action. And indeed, given the increasing ubiquity of smart phones (41% in the U.S. according to new research by my client ExactTarget), many of your potential customers have the capacity to interact with your QR code.

But whether they will or not isn’t about technology adoption, it’s about design, relevance, ease-of-use, and suitability of purpose.

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How Verizon Uses QR Codes For Marketing

8 Ideas for Using Custom QR Codes in Your Marketing

Now that we know how to use Google to make QR Codes, and how to share content on social networks with QR Codes, it’s time to talk application. Like any technology these strange looking images are worthless unless they have some meaningful application to your business, or in this case a marketing application. How can we engage our market more meaningfully? Here are a few ideas:

Add a QR Code to Email Signatures or Newsletter
Take them to an informational page, a bio page, LinkedIn profile, fan page on Facebook. If possible, take them to a piece of content not normally available to traditional web-surfers.

Thank You Page QR Code
After opting in, or making a purchase, present a QR Code to a welcome video or an unannounced bonus. Invite them to a second product at a reduced price. Affirm them that their purchase decision was a good one.

USE QR Code as Avatar for Company Page on Facebook for a Promotion
Change up the company image to a QR Code, this can promote anything in your business, a milestone, a special promotion. Sky is the limit.

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How Adidas Brand Uses QR Codes

7 Benefits of QR Codes for Content & Inbound Marketing

What are QR codes?
QR codes consist of black modules arranged in square patterns on a white background. “QR” stands for quick response: the contents can be decoded at high speed. QR codes have been around since 1994, but have until now been used mostly for industrial applications. Their usefulness in marketing is starting understood.

Why are QR codes valuable for marketing?
The marketing potential of QR codes lies in the fact that they are open source, free to generate and have a hyperlinking capability. You can generate and print your own QR codes for free, for others to scan, by visiting one of several sites that generate QR codes. QR codes can connect a person equipped with a camera phone and the right reader software to not just text or contact information, but also to email, IM, SMS, a web site, or a wireless phone number.

How much information do they hold?
QR codes can include up to 7,100 characters of numeric code, 4,300 alphanumeric characters, or 3,000 binary (8 bits) units.

How easy is it to create a QR code?
Very easy. You enter the information into one of the many free QR codes generators, the entire process takes just a few minutes.

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