How LinkedIn Changed The Way I Do Business

As I’ve built my business, two digital tools have been invaluable: my blog and LinkedIn. In terms of the latter, everyone asks me the same question: Have I actually gotten business directly from LinkedIn?

The short answer: Yes. My participation on LinkedIn does bring in queries and the revenue from it is small but growing.

The longer answer: Yes, but your active involvement on LinkedIn is equally important in building your brand and making connections that can improve your business. Do those things, and the revenue will follow. My targets are B2B companies, an audience where LinkedIn shines: B2B companies favor LinkedIn over Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent study (though the gap is closing).

By Jeannette Paladino, Write Speak Sell, Writer-in-Chief. Read more.

Five Digital PR Traits That Will Get You Hired

As SVP of digital strategy at Ogilvy PR, Virginia Miracle heads the agency’s digital influence group in North America. She reveals the five criteria she looks for in new digital recruits. “I think you’d be surprised at how many people say they are professional social media strategists, and then we have a hard time finding things they have written publicly,” says Miracle at one point.

Watch the video for the full breakdown

LinkedIn Adds Tools To Help Users Climb The Career Ladder

LinkedIn is reaching critical mass and has added tools that make it a must-have for career-minded professionals, say fans of the service. Social recommendations give users credibility, while a Q-and-A service lets them show off their expertise and drum up business. “I wouldn’t be here without LinkedIn,” says one maker of luxury goods. The New York Times (free registration)

The 9 Traits of a Successful Social Media Manager

The best social-media chiefs share nine key traits, writes Steve Radick. Among other things, they’re dedicated evangelists for the brand, fun to be around, able to speak without lapsing into jargon, and don’t have a problem with admitting to their mistakes. “There’s a very real human element to it, and identifying the wrong person … is often the biggest determination in the success or failure of your social-media initiatives,” Radick writes. Social Media Strategery LinkedInFacebookTwitterEmail this Story

Why News Orgs Need Social Editors

Posting stories to Facebook and Twitter may soon be a full-time job — even at established media organizations, panelists at a Social Media Week event argued. Staying relevant and engaged in social spaces are musts for all media companies, they said, and it’s often more work than individual reporters can handle. “If we’re going to survive as an industry, we have to figure out new models. The old ways aren’t working or they’re working in very limited ways for a very limited number of power players,” said Rachel Sklar of The Huffington Post

Stringer Opportunity for Videographers in California

Happy Holidays All:

This query came to my inbox this morning and I thought I would share it with you just in case you or someone you know might  be interested in this unique media opportunity.  This is probably for your younger and less experienced friends, vendors or someone looking to develop video story-telling skills.

The first multimedia website to link policy with voices from underserved communities around California is looking for journalists with sophisticated video reporting skills.  The California Health Report (funded by the California Endowment) will be edited by Daniel Weintraub, veteran California journalist who was most recently the public affairs columnist at The Sacramento Bee.

Set to debut on Feb. 1, 2010, the site would welcome stringers aboard by mid-January.  Stringers could earn from $300-$500 per video story. Contributors must be from or near the following communities:

  • Boyle Heights
  • Central/West Fresno City
  • Central Long Beach
  • City Heights (San Diego)
  • Coachella
  • Del Norte County and adjacent tribal lands
  • East Salinas
  • East Oakland
  • Richmond
  • San Francisco (Mission District)
  • South Figueroa Corridor/Vermont-Manchester
  • South Kern County
  • South Sacramento
  • Southwest Merced/East Merced County

Weintraub will report from the Capitol on policy developments in health, land-use, environment, transportation, and other fields that affect the health of individuals and their communities.  Video reporters will capture from communities how proposed policies will impact people in their daily lives.

Send cover letter, resume and video clips to:

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